Dr. Cheryl A. Lewis
Dr. Cheryl A. LewisPsychologist
Dr. Lewis obtained a Master’s in Psychology from Wayne State University in 1997, with her Master’s thesis in the area of Attachment Theory. She achieved completion of her practicum in Clinical Psychology at Oakland University in 2000. Dr. Lewis further went on to obtain her Doctorate degree from Wayne State University as well, with a concentration in Developmental Psychology.
Dr. Lewis is a Psychologist currently in private practice, where she specializes in psychological assessment in clinical settings. She has special expertise in the assessment of personality, depressive and anxiety disorders, along with posttraumatic syndromes; and in how to provide clinically useful and powerful feedback to patients, referring clinicians, the legal system, and other users of psychological assessment services. Dr. Lewis has an interest in the treatment of chronic pain, the pre-surgical screening of medical patients for suitability for invasive procedures, the application of psychological testing to medical patients, and consultation with physicians and other health care providers in these areas.
Dr. Lewis has also concentrated on serving populations that include children, adolescents, adults, marital, and family. She specializes in working within a family system on educating couples on awareness of the hurtful patterns which harm relationships. Her role is to assist couples to explore their triggers, and in the session repair the interactions which create the disconnection and then generalize these principles to the entire family.
Josie Lenning
Josie Lenning
Josie Lenning graduated from Wayne State University in 2017 with her Master of Social Work. Her specialty is assisting children/teens and their family in developing a comprehensive support system. Josie mentors adolescents in communicating more effectively with others while guiding them in making healthier lifestyle choices and works with them in discovering their own individual coping styles.